Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Recap - Nova Scotia Part I

Hello friends!

I had such an awesome time out East with my fam, visited a lot of my fav places from my childhood summers spent in Nova Scotia, seeing oodles of cousins and aunts and uncles, and eating as much seafood as possible.

I realized that I have about a billion pics that I'd like to share, but I'm going to try and tame it down a bit. Meaning there will be a Part II.

What? I said I'd try to keep it short ;)

The Cottage

My parents started building our cottage a few years ago on land that my great grandfather used to live on. Pretty awesome history. Only they decided to build it on the top of a mountain so we could see the ocean.

With some stellar views

And a killer driveway

There is no electricity, so we spend our time hanging out around the fire or playing cards

Puppy Eva wanted to join

Killer hand. NAWT.

Lanterns. Essential.

Fish stove mitts. Equally essential.

We jokingly call the cottage a wooden tent - but we love it!

Two Islands

Our cottage is located in a place called Two Islands because, well, there are two islands. Duh. 

My fav thing to do is to hang out on the beach, find hermit crabs in the tidal pools when the tide goes out, pick muscles (to eat them. yumyumyum), and, if the timing is right, to follow the tide out and walk to the big island. We pushed it even farther this year since it was reeeally high tides (40 feet!!) and went ALL THE WAY TO THE SECOND ISLAND. Say what?!? So cool.

Walking down to the beach

The first island - the water goes all the way to where I'm standing at high tide!

Ya, we're cool

Touching the ocean for the first time in a year! And boy, is it ever chillay!


Meet hermit the crab.

Second island peeping out.

Barnacles. Water shoes necessary!

Starting to make our way across...

On our way to the second island!!

The first island from the back. Look at that ba-donk-a-donk. 

The view past the second island - my first time seeing this far!!

Muscle bed - we only pick the ones that are still in the water FYI

Muscle, attached to rocks to stay in one place during the tides

We picked some dulse to dry out - a type of seaweed people eat out East :)

Muscle, ready to be eaten.

Successful day on the beach!


Now, no recap would be complete without the food. Seafood, in particular!

Feast your eyes on this:

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