Thursday, 24 October 2013


Bodyrock 5 Day Challenge, Day 3 & Carepackage from Egypt

Herro friends!

How are things? Want to get in a sweet little workout tonight but don't think you have enough time? Well, think again! This one will take you only 12-16 minutes, but still get your heart pumping and body moving.

...I feel like I should be yelling all of this while jumping up and down in a flashy aerobics outfit. And, hey, maybe I am ;)


Here's my third Bodyrock workout, slightly modified (as per usual), from their recent 5 Day Challenge.

Bodyrock 5 Day Challenge, Day 3
Do each workout for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest, before moving on to the next exercise

1. Side Bridge with Knee Lift (Left) – start in a high side bridge position with your right hand straight below your right shoulder and left arm straight towards the ceiling, slowly raise your left leg and bend your elbow down to meet it, and return to side bridge makes one repetition

2. Drunk Chicken – start in a high plank position and drop down to a forearm plank on your left arm then right arm, and then push yourself back up to a high plank with your left arm then right arm, continue to alternate

3. Side Bridge with Knee Lift (Right)

4. High Hip Raise – start in a table top position with your hand below your shoulders and feet below your knees and bum towards the floor, slowly lower your bum to the floor and then raise back up, makes one repetition

Care Package from Egypt

My Momster is the bestest. As you probs already know if you've been following along with this blog for a little while, my Mom and my youngest sister are both off galavanting in Egypt for a year.

 Are they not just the cutest little things you've ever seen on a camel in front of a pyramid?!

My Stepdad just got back from visiting them for about 10 days, and she sent him home with a care package for me and my middle sister - a silver bangle, a pendant and chain with the goddess Isis on it and my name in hieroglyphics on the other side, some soap from the dead sea, and a cute note :)

Can't wait to see them at Christmas!!

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