Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Dinner Date & Bottom and Ab Workout Videos

Hello friends!

It is a heck of a lot nicer out today than it was yesterday. I woke up to the sunshine instead of the pouring rain - always makes it easier to get myself out of bed in the morning ;)

Dinner Date

Don't get too excited folks, it wasn't a 'date' date.

I ended up staying at work super late again today and left when they started to turn off the lights - its this annoying thing where they flicker the lights at different areas of the floor and then slowly turn them off section by section. I guess they're saving electricity, so I can get behind that.

At least I had some snacks to power me through:

The printer snacks hit again - this time a bag full of chocolate from Geneva. 
I took the dark chocolate ;)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty worn-out by the time I left and was trying to think of the fastest possible thing to make for dinner, when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to a vegetarian buffet that costs $5. 

Uh, heck yes!

It was great to meet up and eat deliciously spicy curry and catch-up. I can feel the starting of a cold coming on, so I've been loading up on echinacea, oregano oil, vitamin c and trying to get as much sleep as possible! I feel like spicy food helps too...any excuse for spicy curry ;)

Bottom and Ab Workout Videos

If you haven't already heard of Blogilates, inform yourself. It is an amazing blog powered by Cassie, who is pretty much the most chipper person of all time, and who posts amazingly deceiving pilates workouts. 

I did this workout to target my little bottom in the hopes of one day actually having a bum - I have the flattest butt of all time, in case you were wondering ;)

Aaanyway, I used my stability ball instead of a pilates ring because, well, I don't have one!

I then rounded it off with this ab burner, which was insane. I was dying by the end. 

Although I was already feeling the burn, I tried this one too since Miley has been popping up everywhere with all of her crazy antics...but, letsbehonest, the girl has got some great abs. 

If you're looking for a bit of a butt & abs combo, give these a try! Or add one of them on to your cardio day for a little ab burner bonus :)

I'm planning on having a craft date with a friend of mine tonight...so excited!! I'll post all the deets here tomorrow!

Have a great day!!

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