Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Ideas for an Outgoing October

So, my roomies are better than yours. Not that its a competition, but they still win ;)

After spending almost two whole hours waiting at a walk-in clinic for a doctor to poke at my foot for about five seconds and give me a referral for an x-ray (fingers crossed my foot isn't fractured!!) I came home to two surprises that warm my heart.

i) My Stepdad and sister drove all the way from home to drop off crutches for me

ii) My roomie made a huge feast of amazingly delicious chili AND apple cider


Feeling like a very loved lady :)

Ideas for an Outgoing October

There's definitely a lack of adjectives that start with an 'O'.

But here's a list of ideas to make the most of October!

- Use seasonal produce: Squashes, pumpkins, and apples...oh my!!

- Cook/bake something new every week: Challenge, accepted!

- Read a book (or five): I tend to go through waves of reading - I ease off a bit in the summer, aside from chick flicks on my beach, and focus more on outside activities. I want to find a good couple of books and get back to reading again - any suggestions??

- Be more in-tune with your body's signals: I clearly pushed myself a bit too hard, so I am going to focus on giving my body a bit of a break and try to be more in tune with when I need to ease off a bit during my training. Once I am a bit more healed, I am going to focus on strengthening as well in order to stop any further injuries from happening.

le gimp foot

- Take pics of the beautiful fall colours: It is almost painful for me to walk past a colourful tree without taking a picture. For reals.

Obsessed October?

- Make fall-themed decorations: Because you can never have enough leaves in your house. Ever.

- Halloween: Get excited. If you are looking for costume inspiration, don't look here. (For the record, the 'sexy pig' costume is terrifying)

Question of the Day:

  • What are your goals for October? Are you a fan of the pumpkin-everything that happens at this time of year?

I'm way ahead of you

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  1. Laura Here:

    Loved this post.
    I'm going to try and follow in to try and follow in the outgoing October. I need a little bit of creativity in my life.

    1. Herro Laulau! I can't wait for our craft date, time to get the creative juices flowing ;)