Monday, 2 December 2013


12/02 Pics from the Weekend & Fitness for the Week

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wunderbar weekend!

I had a great time with my loverly ladies in Kingston on Saturday night. My friend was house-sitting, so we decided to stay in and drink vino and have a dance party. Got my cardio in for the day ;)

Most delicious salad.

Breakfast of champions

Snowball fights mandatory

My knight in shining armour

Smoothie time

Such a great event - my little brosef was the M.C. for the Casco charity event last night, 
and did an amazing job!

I did not get very good pics from the event, I was too distracted by the amazing dancing and singing number that they did! 

There was even syncronized skipping routines. Amazing.

Me with the brosef, his grandma, my little sis and my popster (kinda in the dark...)

Me and two of my fabulous siblings

We even won something from the raffle - 'the student package'

We tried another group shot of the fam, but all the rest were blurry (our photog tried his best, but using smartphones is clearly not his forté). A great night out :)

Fitness for the Week

Monday - HIIT (full body)

Tuesday - Run

Wednesday - Bikram Yoga (I'm addicted...)

Thursday - HIIT (arms)

Friday - OFF

Saturday - Run

Sunday - Yoga

Have a great day!

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